Kazara Aşk 3. Bölüm - chloro x3

Jul 26, 2021

The main subject of this lengthy scene is actress **Selin Işık**, who portrays the woman in blue. This Turkish series is a romantic comedy of sorts. Selin is knocked out off-screen to start. A pair of bumbling male characters then attempt to keep her hidden, using chloroform to keep her unconscious. Selin wakes up bound and gagged a few hours later, while a wedding is going on (Turkish dramas always seem to involve weddings!) Selin escapes her bonds. It's a cute scene, with her hopping around and using a sharp door bracket to cut her ropes. She makes her way to the wedding, bumping into the same group of guys who kidnapped her. They chloroform her a second time. Another woman intervenes, helping to drag Selin's unconscious body inside...only to get chloroformed herself.