Longan Flower - ดอกแก้วกาหลง | EP.25

Feb 03, 2020

This bad guy has **balls of steel**. First, it's hard enough to approach a hot girl, randomly, in a hospital. She's actually quite friendly and helps the guy out (he's asking for directions or some bullshit). The bad guy literally has a chloroform cloth sticking out of his back pocket. How ballsy do you have to be to walk around in public like that? He chloroforms her right after she turns around. It's an awesome scene. This guy clearly has the minimum of 3 years of chloroforming experience required to be a bad guy. He thoughtfully keeps the cloth over her nose and mouth while dragging her away. No one appears to stop him. A bondage scene follows. The girl is seen tape gagged. [Source](https://youtu.be/-0LecvnaUMA)