Wonder Woman - The Feminum Mystique Part 1

URL Key: wonder-girl-1
Mar 12, 2018

A classic scene that speaks for itself. **Debra Winger** plays "Wonder Girl", Wonder Woman's younger cousin Drusilla. Dru is trying to locate the missing General Blankenship, and she thinks she's found the location. Remembering back to a time on Paradise Island, Dru recalls Diana transforming into Wonder Woman. Dru thinks the same exact spin transformation will work on her...and it does! Dru transforms into Wonder Girl, wearing a red and blue spandex costume. Her boots are red and shiny. It's a really sexy costume. Wonder Girl begins walking towards the house where the Nazis are waiting. She walks inside and begins to fight the Nazi agents. She throws a few of them around very easily. During a pause, she talks to one of the generals and asks where Blankenship is. He taunts Wonder Girl, and she grabs him by the jacket. From behind, Captain Radl grabs Wonder Girl and clamps a blue cloth soaked in chloroform over her face. Wonder Girl struggles in Radl's grasp, grabbing his arms. The chloroform does its work however, and within a few seconds Wonder Girl passes out on the floor. The scene ends with Wonder Girl sleeping peacefully. The Nazis think they have captured the real Wonder Woman. Boy, are they in for a surprise! The episode is a classic for several reasons: * Debra Winger's portrayal of Wonder Girl is very sexy. That costume! * The kidnapping scene has a great setup. Wonder Girl acts confident, thinking she can take on the Nazis. The Nazis have chloroform ready, thinking they are capturing Wonder Woman. * The scene ends with a very clear closeup of Wonder Girl unconscious. I honestly think this is the best part of the scene. * Part 2 of the episode treats us with *another* [Wonder Girl chloroform scene](/clip/view/wonder-girl-2). * Part 2 also has a scene showing [Wonder Woman getting gassed to sleep](/clip/view/wonder-woman-feminum-gas).