Wonder Woman - The Feminum Mystique Part 2

URL Key: wonder-girl-2
Mar 12, 2018

**Debra Winger** plays Wonder Girl in part 2 of The Feminum Mystique. Wearing a tight spandex outfit, Wonder Girl is imprisoned in the Nazi's warehouse. The Nazi agents want to interrogate Wonder Girl to find out where Paradise Island is. They decide to use a little reverse psychology instead. The Nazis beat up one of their own guys to gain Wonder Girl's sympathy. They throw the dude into her cell and Wonder Girl tries to help him. During this scuffle, Wonder Girl nearly makes it out. But another Nazi agent is right behind her with a chloroform rag ready. He grabs Wonder Girl and chloroforms her for the second time. Wonder Girl is slowly lowered to the ground. With two [chloroform scenes](/clip/view/wonder-girl-1) for Debra Winger, and another two for [Lynda Carter](/clip/view/wonder-woman-fausta), this rounds out an incredible first season for Wonder Woman.