Wonder Woman: "Formula 407"

URL Key: wonder-woman-407
Feb 25, 2018

A classic kidnapping scene from the first season of 'Wonder Woman'. Diana Prince witnesses Steve getting kidnapped from her balcony. She transforms into Wonder Woman and runs over to rescue him. The Nazis are no match for Wonder Woman, who tosses them around. Eventually, the Nazis manage to overpower Wonder Woman with chloroform. The scene ends with a nice closeup of Wonder Woman's face as she passes out. In a famous goof, the hand that's doing the chloroforming switches between cuts. In the very next scene, Wonder Woman wakes up in a wine cellar with Steve Trevor. The wake up scene happens slowly and comes with some good dialogue. A groggy Wonder Woman says *"they must have used chloroform on me. It smells terrible."* It's great acting by **Lynda Carter**, and one of televisions best chloroform/wake up combos.