Wonder Woman: Fausta the Nazi Wonder Woman

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Feb 27, 2018

I can't speak highly enough of this scene. Wonder Woman episode 3 contains what is widely considered one of the **greatest chloroform scenes of all time**. **Wonder Woman** (played by the beautiful Lynda Carter) is tricked into attending a fake War Bonds rally. There, she comes face to face with Fausta Grables, who is dressed up in a Wonder Woman costume. Wonder Woman falls through a trap door and gets chloroformed by a Nazi agent. The scene is long and drawn out, with great sleepy dialogue and moaning from **Lynda Carter**. The scene ends with the Nazi asking Wonder Woman: *Will this chloroform, keep you unconscious?* Wonder Woman replies *yes*, and the cloth slowly covers her mouth. A few more breaths, and Wonder Woman is completely asleep. `"Sleep peacefully Wonder Woman. You will awake in the Fatherland!"` The scene ranks at the top for the following reasons: * Amazing setup. Wonder Woman walks into the trap confidently, thinking she has the upper hand. The kidnapping happens right under the public's nose. * Lynda Carter is sexy and beautiful. * Wonder Woman is a strong classic DC Superheroine. Seeing her get chloroformed unconscious is a pleasant surprise. * Wonder Woman's "Lasso of Truth" is used against her in the most clever of ways. * The scene is long and drawn out, with Wonder Woman passing out slowly. * The way the scene ends is really rare for mainstream chloroformings. Normally the damsel is chloroformed once, and passes out. Fausta is unique, in that Wonder Woman gets chloroformed initially to get her groggy, and then chloroformed again to knock her out completely. The final cloth placement is what seals the deal. This scene will not be topped for a very long time.