Indian Bride Chloro 2x

URL Key: indian-bride-chloro
Nov 13, 2018

This is a clip sent to me by ProjectX. Don't know what show it's from. A beautiful Indian bride decorated in gold jewelry has some arguments with another man. He tells her there is something on her face, and the bride looks in the mirror. While she is distracted, the man pours some chloroform onto a white cloth. The man approaches the bride and attempts to chloroform her. He manages to get the cloth to her face, but she fights it off. She then starts yelling at him and hitting him. The bride walks away, but suddenly faints. In the final scene, the man has the bride in his arms on the floor. She's still not totally out yet, and so he picks up the cloth and places it over her face again. I edited the clip for length. The full unedited clip can be [downloaded here](/video-storage/b3/Indian_Bride_Chloro_2x.mp4)