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February 2020 Update Feb 13, 2020

I am so amazed at how fast Sleepy Clips has grown. I began this website in March 2018 (nearly 2 years ago), as a sort of experiment. I had already been running Sleepycomics.com for a decade. Hosting a video clips site was something outside of my comfort zone. I didn't understand the technology and had no idea what the costs would be. Over time however, I learned more and more about AWS and cloud infrastructure. I learned how to run my own server and how to serve content at scale cheaply. It impresses me greatly that Sleepy Clips is serving over 1 **terabyte** of data each month, and it's costing me less than $20 a month. Last month I logged over **5,100 unique visitors** and **117,284** page views. As of this post, I am at **955 clips** uploaded. Uploading this much content just isn't possible on a video sharing platform like YouTube. Channels with hundreds of clips regularly get taken down for Copyright violations. YouTube's content guidelines also prohibit certain kinds of content, and our stuff regularly violates terms of service. Each month I go back and see YouTube channels I saved have been taken down. Some people have gotten smart, and bypass content uploads in favor of creating content playlists (like [this channel](https://www.youtube.com/user/SyslakMoe/playlists)). These playlists link to existing episodes (many foreign) that contain sleepy content. You often have to scan through the entire episode, but these playlists have rarely let me down. I have discovered countless scenes this way. Around November 2019, [Dextor's Sleepy Forum](http://dextorskos.com/) was launched, as a replacement to the now defunct Chloroforum (Slumberville). The admins apparently tried to update their forum software, and it just broke. No one with technical expertise to resolve it. Years of content just gone like that. Luckily I was able to download all the data in the [Slumberville database](/index/slumberville). My approach with Sleepy Clips is going to be totally different. I'm focused on saving as much information about each clip as I can. Country, show title and episode number. These are vital pieces of information that can often lead to better and higher quality clips. A random file on your computer titled "german_chloro_1.mpg" is not going to help much. You need a system to organize clips into categories. So far, I think the system on Sleepy Clips is working quite well. Anyway, I have an endless supply of clips to sort through and categorize. Very close to hitting the 1,000 clip mark!

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