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November 2018 Update Nov 11, 2018

I began work on **Sleepy Clips** in March of this year. I took a break for a few months to work on art and [Patreon](https://patreon.com/sleepycomics). Around the end of October I got interested in this site again. The past few weeks have seen lots of updates. * [I wrote a resources document](/faq/resources), which contains lots of useful links. * I updated the look and feel of the site. * I've streamlined my video clip uploading process, allowing me to batch upload many files efficiently. * I worked many hours to update scene titles, descriptions and categories. * I created a page where you can [view a list of all scenes](/clip/all). Most importantly, I've combed through my library of video files and uploaded hundreds of them. **I'm currently at over 650 files**. I'm being a bit picky when it comes to what scenes to post. There are thousands of clips out there, and I simply don't have time to process them all. I'm finding clips that are popular and good quality. **I'm interested in hearing from you guys:** * Are there any good clips I'm missing? * What features on this site would you like to see? Thanks!

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