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Site Launch Oct 25, 2018

Welcome to the very first discussion thread on **Sleepy Clips**! Sleepy Clips is a site built by the same guy who brought you **sleepycomics.com**. The goal of this site is simple: **Sleepy fetish clips. No hassle. No takedowns.** YouTube and other video sharing sites continue to remove clips, making it frustrating to view the clips you love. I want to solve that problem, while at the same time **build a community**. These discussion threads are powered by [Disqus](http://disqus.com). Sign up to begin posting comments. I'd like to hear from you guys. For the first thread, I'll solicit comments on the following subjects: * Ideas you have to improve this website. * Clips you'd like to see me post. * Scene alerts. * Any questions you have for me. Thanks!

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Site Launch Oct 25, 2018